Sandro Puddu

Sandro Puddu - aka Alexander P - is a professional DJ and Producer of House and Commercial music.
His career began in the 90s, with his DJ sets in the most important clubs and discos of the Romagna Riviera and Sardinia.
In his career Sandro boasts important collaborations in the panorama of Dance music and has played alongside exponents such as Dj Ralf, Claudio Coccoluto, Filippo Nardi, Fargetta, Molella, Prezioso, Albertino, Andrea Belli, Cristian Marchi, Paolo Rosato and many others.
Sandro also has a long experience as Radio Speaker, in Radio FM as Telemarghine, Radio studio 90 and currently leads a program on Radio Macomer Centrale, one of the most listened to broadcasters in Sardinia.

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