roby zeta

Roby Zeta

Start as a DJ in 1978 at the Discoteca La Gatta, early age was a great success. It apassiona to electronic music following and becoming fans of artists like Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder, Rockets. He worked in a lot of clubs like Chinchilla (Switzerland), Albert Club with Paul Paul (Como early 80s), Roncaccio (Como), Miami Club (Como), 2001 Club (Grass-Como), Delirium Disc (SMRezzonico-Como), Lido di Cadenabbia (Como ), Ka Franka (Como), Diva Club (Como), The Passatore (Varese), Ciak (Varese), Cellophane (Rimini Miramare). And in parties in Northern Europe (Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Finland, Slovenia. He has worked in several radio (Radio Music International, Radio Kelly Milan, Radio Network North, Radio Lario, Radio Southern Europe).

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