MVC Project

Real name of this multifaceted and very Italian artist MAURIZIO CAPPELLATO, present in the radio background and very active DJ in the Milanese area since the early 80s.
A musical journey that sees him protagonist of the "boom" of dance clubs and which allows him to collaborate as an arranger and producer with significant characters and artists.
Also known under the pseudonym of VALENTI DJ and together with STEFANO TIRONE (S-TONE INC) he emerges in the London scene thanks to the single WHAT'S UP by BABY DOLL HOUSE, since then his work as a producer has never stopped and he engages with surprising agility among the most disparate musical genres, from deep house to funky, from nu disco to soulful, handles house and nu jazz, trip hop and chillout with ease. It is impossible to list a complete discography but it is worth remembering inherent to the 90s period INNERVISION - My Love For You and ARKETIPO - Kaliope.
MVC PROJECT is his most current project (Les Reines de L' Oublì - Scream - Music) but behind numerous artists or groups he hides his signature and supervision as an remixer.

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